Nasher Wedding by Shannon Skloss



Specializing in being a luxury Dallas wedding photographer, one of my absolute favorite Dallas garden wedding venues is the Nasher Sculpture Center. From the jaw-dropping weeping willow tree — to the fountains and water pools — Nasher weddings are simply GORGEOUS. I’ve been blessed to have photographed many weddings at Nasher, and below is one of my favorites of all time. Juliet and Jonathan, one of the sweetest couples, exchanged their vows in this very garden, designed by Lisa Dean and adorned with romantic shades of pink floral by Moss. Juliet’s gown from Stanley Korshak bridal was simply elegant, and complimented the Nasher’s detailed, lush greenery. Being a Dallas luxury wedding photographer, it’s very important to me to photograph all my client’s details as seen by their guest’s eyes. Natural tones are captured so true on film, too! Make sure not to miss the reflection shot of Juliet and Jonathan in this Persian Nasher Dallas wedding album below!

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